Best Wind Logistics

Who is Best Wind Logistics?

No idea. Pretty sure this company doesn’t exist.


That’s right, Best Wind Logistics is a scam! A non-existent company that’s trying to scam people into paying inflated prices to use their “services”.

Why do I believe this company is a scam?

  • I’ve tried to search for any trace of this company online and have come up empty-handed.
  • The contact person at this “company” has an “” email address and not one associated with an actual logistics company.
  • When contacted for a shipping quote, their inflated costs for shipping were approximately $6,000 MORE than what FedEx quoted.
  • Additionally, it was stated that the shipping quote included “all of the specific Taxes, Custom Clearance, Duties and Tariffs that apply.”  This was going from one state in the U.S to another state in the U.S.  We shouldn’t need Customs and all that additional stuff, right?
  • Ten days after we received the initial shipment quote, they reached out again to see if we still were interested in their services. When I replied asking for their web address because I couldn’t find any information about them online, I was told that their “website is under maintenance for the past 3 weeks and the IT department is working on that.”
  • I then asked for the web address so I could check it out for any future needs, and was told “I cannot tell what the web address will be for now as there will be a change in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

All of this tells me that there was no website… there is no company. This is just a scam.

When I saw that was available for registration, I bought it to warn you all that